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Medical Transcription Service

Medical Transcription Company at a faster turnaround times and at an unbelievably low cost. MedVoice completely automates the entire dictation, transcription and documentation process. Our totally integrated web-based system interfaces with all the standard EMR systems.

Security & HIPAA

We strive to safeguard the entire transcription process from initial physician Medical Transcription Servicesdictation to document retrieval to be secure and HIPAA compliant.


MedVoice builds all its electronic medical solutions on a robust, modular architecture that maximizes scalability, connectivity, interoperability, and ease of use.


  • Faster turnaround times of 2-24 hours
  • Skilled Transcriptionists and Quality Analysts.
  • All standard media formats supported.
  • 99% or higher accuracy of work.
  • Pay only for the actual work.
  • Dedicated team for individual clients.
  • 24 X7 Helpdesk Support.


MedVoice is high quality Medical Transcription Company at all times and on all reports transcribed within contracted turn around times, Transcription workflow is largely automated right from uploading dictations



We specialize in providing customized solutions with high quality standards and shorter turnaround times which in turn we believe, when accurate, complete, and delivered on time would contribute to generating


Voice Recognition

Voice recognition (VR), the computer recognition of the spoken word, has been a “promising” technology for documenting clinical encounters. We at MedVoice offer VR in conjunction with our transcription



Electronic Medical Record (EMR). Obviously, there are many companies trying to sell you EMR Software. You may have already purchased or plan to purchase an EMR program in future. Our superior technology.


Qualified Text

Qualified Text is text that is automatically generated when a physician selects a template. Physicians dictate any changes to the Qualified Text (if needed) and fill in the blanks where data or a narrative