MedVoice provides expert medical record review, organization, and summarization Services for Clients in personal injury and worker’s compensation.

Medical Record Review Services

Medical Record Review and Summarization

Medical records review involves gathering and analyzing an individual’s medical records, including hospitalization records, medical history reports, and laboratory results.

Since 2008 MedVoice has been a valuable partner and industry leader in the remote Medical Documentation industry by combining leading technologies and highly-trained, client-focused teams that together provide a reliable resource and tremendous value for our Clients.

Our medical record experts focus on the comprehensive evaluation and classification of the healthcare information in the medical records.Our team ensures that the output files are delivered in your preferred format, ensuring a user friendly presentation of vital medical information for each case. Our goal is to make it easy for you to comprehend the essential medical aspects and navigate through the Medical documentation efficiently. Our experienced Medical records review professionals provide precise medical summaries that offer a comprehensive overview of all pertinent details related
to your case.

Medical Record Review Services

MedVoice has extensive experience providing medical record organization, medical record history and medical record summary services for clients in the worker’s compensation, personal injury, and legal industries.

Medical Record Review Solutions

Conducting an effective and thorough medical records review without the help of a medical expert can be extremely difficult for many reasons, including:

  • Medical records are very voluminous and often unorganized.
  • Medical expertise is necessary to understand which documents are relevant and how they can apply to asserted claims.
  • Medical knowledge is needed to understand a patient’s complicated course of treatment.
  • Medical records reviews are incredibly time-consuming.
  • You may not know which documents are missing that can provide further support to asserted claims.
  • You may not know how to rule out other possibilities for client injuries to prove causation.

Benefits of MedVoice Medical Record Review Service

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