MedVoice’s Medical Scribing Service reduces burnout by relieving the documentation responsibilities, providing increased face-to-face time with their patients.

Medical Scribing Service

Medical Scribing

Allowing our physicians to focus on what is more important – the patient! One solution does not fit for all physicians within the same group, same specialty in two different work settings. MedVoice provides you multiple documentation options to benefit clinicians, patients and facilities.

Spend More Quality Time With Patients, Not Entering Data

We Improve efficiency and make medical information easier to share with patients, providers and payors. However, all of that data entry takes time from the patient and time to provider’s busy schedule. MedVoice’s highly trained medical scribe’s can help.

Reduce Documentation Time

Optimize efficiency by avoiding manual data entry into the EMR. Whether charting during the patient visit or afterward, conserve 3-5 minutes per encounter by alleviating documentation concerns.

Patient Satisfaction

Patients will benefit from a more personalized provider interaction as real-time documentation during the examination is unnecessary. Additionally, virtual scribes enhance patient comfort, creating an environment that fosters a heightened sense of privacy.

Physician Satisfaction

MedVoice Scribes endeavors to comprehensively capture pertinent information during physician-patient conversations, eliminating the need for verbal dictation. Achieve swift authorization of precise charts just minutes after concluding the office visit.

Quality Charts

MedVoice Scribes possess expertise across various EMRs and ICD coding. They adeptly discern the specific charting requirements of healthcare providers and meticulously tailor them to align with providers' preferences. With MedVoice Scribes, expect your charts to be customized to your exact specifications.


HIPAA Compliant

Dedicated to upholding HIPAA compliance and the protection of patient data, our comprehensive process ensures that our software adheres rigorously to HIPAA standards. Furthermore, our virtual scribes carry out their work within a highly secure environment, prioritizing the utmost confidentiality and security of sensitive information.

Earn More Revenue

By utilizing MedVoice Scribes, you can reclaim valuable time in your day. With our service, you can save a minimum of 3 minutes per patient on clinical documentation, allowing you to see more patients efficiently and allocate that additional hour to focus on patient care rather than chart work

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