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Medical Scribing

MedVoice is one of the most prominent Medical Scribing  companies that provides you with a Medical Scribing (MS) expert who can act as a personal assistant to your physicians or doctors and can perform multiple tasks. The key role of our medical scribing specialists is to maintain the records electronically for your physicians/doctors during their patient encounters. They also collate the information of the patient’s visit, carrying out the required documentation in real-time into the Electronic Health Record (EHR) and using this record to manage the progress of the patients. Our medical scribing expert partners with your physician in order to ensure the best care of his/her patients.

Why Hire A Medical Scribing Expert from Us?

Our Medical Scribing experts can handle medical documentation responsibilities during patient encounters for your physicians. They have remote access to live interactions between your doctors and their patients. This way, they document all the events and make accurate decisions in order to make appropriate medical charting. By carrying out the time-consuming and often tedious clerical duties that would otherwise be the task of a physician, our medical assistants enable the physicians to enhance their overall flow of patients and spend more time with them individually.

The Principal Responsibilities and Tasks of an MS from MedVoice Inc
The key responsibilities of a medical scribing expert from MedVoice consist of but are not limited to:

1. Superb job attendance
2. Compliance with HITECH, HIPAA and other similar policies with regard to the confidentiality of the information of the patient
3. Professional and non-intrusive interaction with a physician in order to ensure accuracy and completeness in medical charting
4. Timely and accurate charting of all the patient encounters, that includes but is not limited to the physical exam, patient history, test and lab results, diagnostic findings, medical decision making, etc.
5. There might be other duties assigned to an MS that again include but are not limited to training the other staff and medical assistance.

Advantages of Choosing an MS from MedVoice

There are several benefits of opting for MedVoice to get your medical scribing needs fulfilled. Any physician or healthcare provider would definitely have heard the name of MedVoice because we have been on the field for enough time to make a mark in the healthcare industry. If you say yes to MedVoice, this is what you will get:

1. Fast medical and electronic solutions on a modular and robust architecture that increases the ease of use, connectivity, scalability, and interoperability
2. Trained medical scribing experts who are fully certified and have on-field experience
3. compliance with HITECH, HIPAA, and adherence to and respect for the confidentiality of the patients
4. Safeguarding the transcription process as a whole right from the initial dictation of the physician to the retrieval of the documents

It is clear that a medical scribing expert plays an invaluable role in the workings of an individual physician or any other healthcare provider. Hence, it becomes all the more important to find the right person for the job in order to safeguard the interests of the patients and assist the physicians in an accurate and non-intrusive manner.