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Medical Billing and Coding

Medical Billing and Coding
Medical Billing and Coding Company

MedVoice Inc is a Medical Billing and Coding company with familiar terms about healthcare solutions They are both very closely related in today’s healthcare industry. Both these practices help immensely in the ever-important reimbursement cycle. This cycle ensures that all the healthcare providers around the world are paid their due for the services that they carry out.

The Role of MedVoice in medical billing and coding

If Medical Coding is done right, you can generate a substantial amount of revenue for your healthcare company. MedVoice understands this and aims to provide you with high-quality medical billing coding services.

MedVoice has a pool of medical coding service experts and an immense amount of experience in medical coding. We have clients from various areas and regions, and we take pride in providing the best medical billing and coding services. We are specialists in medical coding that is done online on varied documents like superbills, encounter forms, chart notes, transcriptions, etc. We have certified coders who have expertise in certain domains that make sure that there is complete accuracy in code selections when they do medical coding. Moreover, our medical coders are also familiar with specialized software such as flash code, encoder pro, and ICD/CPT books.

Our medical coders also do a cross-verification of their coding with the given authentic Local Medical Review (LMR). This ensures that proper quality control is in place to adhere to the quality audits that we conduct randomly.

Similarly, our medical billing and coding services are highly detail-oriented and time-tested that successfully collects the maximum amount of revenue in a short period of time. We ensure the following for your convenience:

1. Once we receive the information from your healthcare service, we submit all the claims within 24 hours. We have 99% coding accuracy and clearance rate.
2. We have a record of 98% of total payments being posted within a span of 24 hours.
3. The follow-up from the insurance company happens between 14-21 days of submission.
4. The denial management happens between 24-48 hours of receiving the EOB form.

We understand that your needs and requirements can be unique, depending on your charges, your patients, and your services. Therefore, we have special billing services and service packages that would perfectly fit your requirements, your preferences, and your needs. Having experience in medical billing and coding services across numerous areas and of various sizes ranging from small, private medical houses to medium and the big ones, we are used to dealing with numerous nuances of medical billing and coding. We are well aware of all the state regulations and rules so we can ensure that you don’t face any trouble.

MedVoice is a reliable healthcare solution provider that gives a full range of services in relation to the healthcare industry. Some advantages of choosing us are quick turnarounds, payments after the completion of the work, 99% accuracy of work and skilled analysts & transcriptionists.

Revenue Cycle Management

We, at MedVoice understand that providing high-quality healthcare is your top priority, but it is also important for you to make enough money. In the recent period, the whole scenario of healthcare and insurance has drastically changed. There are many cases of backlogs in account receivables, lack of qualified personnel, the high cost of administration and infrastructure. Therefore, in order to work efficiently and to increase your revenue, you need a reliable revenue cycle management solution. MedVoice comes into the picture in such a scenario with the latest and most updated state-of-the-art revenue cycle management systems that include medical coding, registration, payment posting, insurance verification, denial management, account receivables and much more.

With a deep understanding of such a system, our staff is highly trained in providing you the best services. Having said that, we don’t aim to beat the system but to gain from it with the help of our experience and deep knowledge of the rules of this game.

Why Choose MedVoice for RCM?

The key features of the RCM model offered by MedVoice include:

● Medical billing and coding services carried out by certified experts
● Self-pay collections and insurance follow-ups
● Analytics that offer actionable insights
● Verification of insurance and eligibility
● Posting and denial management
● Follow up on account receivables
● Resubmission and follow up of the old account receivables
● Posting of payments for you

You can expect all this and even more when you contact MedVoice to outsource your Revenue Cycle Management task.