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Legal Process Outsourcing

MedVoice also provides Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) services where in-house legal organizations or departments outsource their legal work to us when they feel that it might get too costly to perform them within the company on their own. Our LPO department is a part of this high-end industry that has seen massive growth in the recent years.

MedVoice comes as a boon to all such departments and organizations as the work is handled by experienced and trained and attorneys and paralegals, utilizing the industry standard databases such as Westlaw and LexisNexis. Most corporations and firms in India outsource their legal work mainly as a cost-saving measure, and this is precisely where we steal the show. Outsourcing your legal tasks to us not only saves you a lot of time, money and efforts but you can also avail from yourselves of a full range of benefits such as getting access to a plethora of skills, services, and technologies at attractive costs.

Those who avail our Legal Process Outsourcing services can also stand to gain a multitude of operational efficiencies because outsourcing the work would invariably help you in focusing and giving more time to your core business activities. So, choose us for long-term gains!


Our Electronic discovery or E-discovery services pertains to any and all processes where the electronic data is located, sought, searched and secured with the intent of utilizing it as a proof in a criminal or civil legal case. We carry it out on a particular computer, in a network or offline as per the requirements of the project. We also get government sanctioned or court-ordered hacking to obtain critical evidence in matters of e-discovery.

In present times, it becomes important to use e-discovery services in case of legal or other matters within the hospitals. However, it can be difficult and would require a lot of resources and manpower in order to get it done in-house. This is when MedVoice comes into rescue. With us, you can be assured to get perfect e-discovery work done. We have a dedicated team of employees and dedicated resources just for this purpose. So, contact our team if you need any assistance in e-discovery.

The nature of data stored digitally is such that it makes it immensely well-suited and ideal for investigation. To start with, we have experts who can easily search digital data as well as scrutinize paper documents manually. We try to use all types of evidence in e-discovery. Our experts scrap every piece of data, whether online or offline to get to the relevant evidence in order to provide the investigations to you.

MedVoice is the perfect healthcare solution in the ever-evolving field of e-discovery. All the investigations that you receive as a customer would be confidential and delivered in a pristine condition.

Legal Transcription

Our Legal Transcription team carries out the process of transcribing any and all kinds of legal proceedings from the words spoken by someone into a document or printed format. More often than not, during court proceedings, licensed court reporters called stenographers perform the legal transcription process. We have licensed stenographers who use stenotype which is a special device in addition to a computer in order to capture the legal transcription of the courtroom proceedings in real time. The stenotype enables our reporters to type the legal proceedings as they happen in the courtroom in shorthand. Then, the computer converts this shorthand language to a document format in English.

MedVoice is a premium healthcare service provider that offers legal transcription services as well. Outsourcing your legal transcription tasks to us provides you with a lot of benefits. The simplest advantages of hiring us to do this job for you is that it saves you plenty of time in addition to trimming all the overhead costs, reducing the turnaround times and improving the workflow. Another added advantage is customization. We are experts in creating and lending a certain feel and look to a company’s transcripts. Also, when you outsource your legal transcription work to us, you naturally increase your work productivity. By getting rid of the necessity of carrying out departmental transcriptions, you can concentrate and give your undivided attention to day-to-day, crucial administrative tasks.

MedVoice provides optimum legal transcription services that are performed by field professionals with a strong sense of confidentiality and ethics in addition to having a good hold over the English language. They also have a legal background and a strong comprehension of all the source material.

Document Review

We also provide Document Review services which are the most expensive and labor-intensive stage of the e-discovery process, the litigation process, and the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM) process. When you get Document Review services from us, it entails a review and analysis of each and every page of a collection of data for the purpose of determining which documents need to be withheld or retained from the opposing counsel. Our document reviewers are attorneys who have a thorough understanding of the factual and legal issues involved in litigation. In addition to that, they are well able to make all the essential judgment calls in regards to responsiveness and privilege.

MedVoice is THE solution to all your intensive document reviewing tasks. We work with an array of paralegals and contract attorneys who are very familiar with all the stages of the document reviewing process. To familiarize you with how we work, here are the steps that we undergo:

1. Our legal team conducts an initial review to analyze all the documents for code and relevance.
2. Then, the litigation support personnel come into the picture and load all the coded data into a database.
3. The litigation teams then zeros-in on all the vital documents at each and every stage of the litigation process.
4. The last step includes the processing of the information after which a more detailed second review is conducted by the legal team to determine which of the documents must be retained from production to the opposing counsel.

When you hire MedVoice for document review, you can ensure privilege, relevance, responsiveness, and confidentiality at its best!