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Business Process Outsourcing

When you choose Business Process Outsourcing services from MedVoice, it includes business tasks like human resources, payroll or accounting that is carried out by us. We implement BPO to help you cut down on costs that are required by you. There are many more benefits of using our BPO services that are listed below!

Benefits of Business Process Outsourcing from MedVoice

Some of the top benefits of BPO are that it allows more time to give to the core business and saves money. A few advantages of getting these services from MedVoice include:

1. Accurate and quick reporting
2. Saving essential resources in terms of training and staffing
3. Access to the modern technology
4. Enhancement of efficiency and speed of the outsourced business processes

Why choose MedVoice for your BPO needs?
MedVoice is a leader among BPO companies. As a trusted Business Process Outsourcing company, we have a deep understanding of all the processes that we have gained through experience. Our industry-specific and customizable solutions help in simplifying process optimization. The approach we have toward BPO services goes beyond executing and standardizing. We add incredible value to the operations of your company by leveraging the automation of the robotic process wherever possible.

Inbound and Outbound


MedVoice provides several types of outbound services of a call center. These include:

MedVoice provides telemarketing services to market your services using telephone calls. We have trained telemarketing experts who can help you promote and sell your healthcare services to prospective customers while making phone calls to them. We have highly trained personnel who excel in conversational skills and can help you immensely in augmenting your sales and promoting all your services.

Generation of Lead
Generation of lead is an important part of growing your business and we understand its importance for your business. However, being a healthcare provider, it would be of immense help if you avail the services of our experts to create interest and awareness about your healthcare services amongst your prospective customers. We use various methods for lead generation that includes direct emails, telemarketing, online lead generation and much more.


Our inbound call center services include the following:

Customer Support
We help you provide round-the-clock customer support service and help you build a good relationship with your clients. We understand that as healthcare providers, you need to have a good rapport with your customers so that they can have confidence in you.

Technical Troubleshooting
Troubleshooting is an important part of providing flawless services to your customers. MedVoice understands this which is why we provide network tech support, remote support, on-site tech support, technical applications, product support and much more. We have experts in technical support who believe in delivering the best services and are available 24/7.


MedVoice provides Non-Voice services to streamline the medical billing processes that involve the submission of claims with health insurance companies given by you to get the payment for all the services that are rendered by you. The reports of medical coding about the diagnosis and the treatments as well as prices are included in it. MedVoice understands that Non-Voice is an integral part of medical billing because there is no scope for error. This is a relevant field and requires a lot of meticulousness while maintaining the Non-Voice. Therefore, we only offer the services of a person with a reasonable level of training who can work on creating Non-Voice.

We know that the Non-Voice process is an indispensable part of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO). Some of our Non-Voice employees are responsible for behind-the-desk interactions while others are responsible for interacting with customers via chat and email support. Our Non-Voice services also consist of inbound support outsourcing and outbound support outsourcing where our employees are responsible for making calls to the customers to solve their complaints or queries on your behalf. They also make these calls for telemarketing, contact list updating, fundraising, sales and verification or surveys.

MedVoice can help out immensely with Non-Voice because there are a lot of experts who work with us. They are trained specially for this purpose and are qualified individuals who can handle creating error-free and accurate Non-Voice. So, if you want error-free and accurate services performed with efficiency, MedVoice is where your search must stop!

Data Entry

MedVoice takes immense pride in its exceptional Data Entry services. Our data entry experts are qualified and trained to handle any and all tasks related to data entry. Our experts are responsible for:

1. Filing claims – The majority of the claims are electronically filed, and very few claims go on paper. This depends on the insurance carrier to whom the claims are going to! Our data entry experts understand this important detail and cater to the healthcare providers in a personalized manner.

2. Statements – We mail the statements on your behalf to the office. The protocols in place of all the statements and their collections are done as per the client’s specifications.

3. Payments – You receive the payments and then we post them into your database. Each Explanation of Benefits (EOB) is audited for benefits and the correct payment.

4. Reports – These are usually made by you on a monthly basis, and we customize them according to your requirements.

MedVoice possesses a massive experience in providing medical coding, medical billing solutions and data entry for clinics, sanatoriums, physicians, medical billing companies, hospitals and complete medical industries. We cater our services of online billing to business houses in India and around the globe. Our domain expertise and experience are the main reason that has earned us a colossal portfolio of clientele.

We specialize in:

a. Persistent following up with clients for missing data details
b. Meticulous data entry to ensure there is no scope for error
c. Highly inclusive and comprehensive data entry process

Hence, if you choose us as your service provider, you can be assured to get the best!