Medical Billing And Coding

Medical Billing And Coding

Medvoice deals with the billing and coding of medical stuff including all the terms that synchronize with the healthcare solutions. There is a close association between billing and coding in today’s health sector. Both of these practices contribute greatly in the highly important reimbursement cycle. These processes ensure that all the health practitioners are compensated in accordance with the services they carry out.

What Does Medvoice Do In The Sector of Medical Billing and Coding?

Medical Coding if carried out correctly and efficiently may help your healthcare business generate a good amount of revenue. Medvoice is highly aware of this and being well-versed with the subtleties of the procedure, employs their best efforts to provide you with outstanding billing and coding services. We provide a plethora of billing and coding services depending on the unique requirement of each of our clients.

Medvoice empanels a large pool of highly experienced, competent and dedicated medical coding service professionals. Our long list of satisfied clients are from across the country and we take great pride in our clients’ reliability of us for offering them the best of services. Medical coding for various documents including encounter forms, superbills, chart notes and transcriptions are our specialization. The codes selected by our certified coders for medical coding are highly accurate because of their years of expertise in the field. Additionally, our medical coders are also well-versed in specialist tools such as Flash Code, Encoder Pro, and ICD/CPT Books.

All the coding done by our medical coders are cross verified with the given legitimate Local Medical Review (LMR). It is highly important in order to ensure that adequate quality control is maintained to comply with the quality audits carried out on a random basis.

Similarly, the higher level of attention to detail and time-tested nature of our medical billing and coding service enables us to gather the highest amount of revenue within a constricted time period. The following are ensured by us for your convenience:

  • All the claims received from your healthcare provider and submitted within 24 hours, ascertained by our 99 percent of coding accuracy and clearance rate.
  • We have generated a 98 percent success rate in posting all the payments.
  • The insurance company carries out a follow up between 14 and 21 days of submission.
  • The denial management takes place between 24-48 hours of receiving the EOB form.

Revenue Cycle Management

We at Medvoice are highly aware that in addition to providing the greatest of services, you also need to manage your expenses. In the last few years, there was a great drift in the healthcare and insurance industry. These include backlogs in receivables, a shortage of trained staff, and the high costs of administration and infrastructure. Therefore a solid revenue management system is the very immediate need of every healthcare industry to run their business efficiently and amplify their revenue.

MedVoice’s latest and most updated state-of-the-art revenue cycle management tools, including medical coding, registration, payment posting, insurance verification, rejection management, account receivables, etc comes into play in such a situation. Our personnel are well-versed in such a system, further our highly trained staff are destined to provide you with the finest possible service. Hence, we don’t intend to take advantage of the system, but rather to make the most of it by utilizing our expertise and thorough understanding of the game’s regulations.

When it comes to RCM, why choose MedVoice?

MedVoice’s RCM model includes the following features:

You can anticipate all of this and even more when you contact MedVoice to outsource your Revenue Cycle Management task.