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Qualified Text

Qualified Text is text that is automatically generated when a physician selects a template. Physicians dictate any changes to the Qualified Text (if needed) and fill in the blanks where data or a narrative is required. Since the Qualified Text template is pre-typed, you only pay the full per line price for changes, while unaltered Qualified Text is billed at a much lower per line price. Overall transcription cost is drastically reduced by 40% or more!

Print Templates.

Print Templates are built to define the content of each transcription type. They may include letterhead information, carbon copy information, date dictated, date transcribed, demographic field labels, as well as headers and footers. Because this information is part of the Print Template and automatically generated, you don’t pay anything for these lines, further reducing your transcription costs!

For more information about how this might be part of your cost-saving solution, contact us today.