Revenue Cycle Management

MedVoice’s Full-Service RCM Service significantly increases monthly revenue, reduces claim denials and rejections, decreases collection times, and significantly reduces medical billing costs.


MedVoice’s Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) partners with our Clients to maintain their income stability while giving the medical providers more time to focus on their patients and enhancing their patients experience. Our team of billing experts and certified medical coders handle the complete lifecycle of your medical claims. With MedVoice’s coding and billing expertise, our Clients have realized improvement in clean claim rates, prompt turnaround on denials, and improved cash flow. MedVoice partners with our clients to professionally and effectively manage all aspects of the medical coding and billings processes at significant cost savings to our Clients.

Since 2008, MedVoice has been a valuable partner and industry leader in the medical billing industry by combining the leading technologies and highly-trained, medical billing professionals that together provide a powerful, successful, and reliable billing team for our Clients.

It is critical that accurate and complete patient information is obtained during patient registration and check-in in order to properly process claims and streamline the billing process and avoid costly errors. A claim submitted with incorrect patient data will cause the entire revenue cycle management to suffer due to the denial and resubmission process.

The first important step of revenue cycle management is verifying the patient’s insurance eligibility and benefits during patient registration.
This step is crucial, as you need to know if the patient’s insurance policy covers the medical services to be rendered by your practice.
MedVoice is highly-effective and cost-effecient in conducting the insurance verification process.
This step involves documenting the different types of services provided to the patient. It’s crucial to ensure that steps are taken and there
are effective processes in place to ensure common mistakes like under-coding or over-coding do not happen.
It is vital to the charge capture process that the practice has specific processes in place to document all services rendered in real time.
It is very important in this step of revenue cycle management to always ensure that only accurate patient and service data is submitted  in  
order to prevent delays and denials in the payment process. MedVoice RCM Team continually monitor submitted claims to identify any rejections or denials and take instant action to resolve them.
Posting payments involves recording the payments received from insurance companies and/or patients. MedVoice RCM Team ensures that
all payments are captured and recorded accurately and efficiently, as well as addressing any discrepancies or underpayments.
This step is criticial for the proper collection and recognition of the revenue owed to the organization for the services rendered.
Managing denials is a critical part of healthcare revenue cycle management and financial performance of a healthcare organization!
MedVoice RCM continually demonstrates its experience and expertise in identifying the various causes of denials and immediately takes
 the necessary steps to appeal and/or resolve them.
Daily review of and following up on outstanding accounts receivable is essential to decrease the delays in patient and insurance payments.
MedVoice RCM Team utilizes several proven processes, tecniques, and technologies to effectively collect outstanding balances while
maintaining positive relationships with patients and insurance companies.
To effectively manage patient payment collections, it is essential to maintain regular communication with patients.
Communication with patients regarding payment plans or discounts in exchange for prompt payments increase patient collection efforts.

Benefits of MedVoice RCM Service

MedVoice RCM partners with our Clients to significantly improve their financial performance; increasing monthly collections and revenue, actively manage the A/R, and significantly lower departmental billing costs.  MedVoice’s RCM team of billing experts and certified medical coders handle the complete lifecycle of your medical billing and provide the financial resources to invest in, and return the precious time necessary for medical providers to focus on their patients and enhancing their patients’ experience. 

Entrusting your complete revenue cycle management to external experts can grant you access to specialized knowledge and enhance your financial efficiency.

Revenue Cycle Management Services

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