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Complete Guide to Choose Medical Transcription Jobs in 2020

Medical Transcription Jobs are gaining increasing Popularity Day by Day with the Growth in the Healthcare Sector. Medical Transcription Job Plays a Vital Role in the Healthcare Sector.
Let Us Understand what the Medical Transcription Job is?


A Medical Transcriptionist Works Closely with the Healthcare Professionals to Capture details of the patients and Reports accurately The Doctor or the healthcare professional dictates the Report and it gets Generated as the Audio File. The Medical Transcriptionist converts the Audio files into the Written Format which becomes the Medical Record of the Patient.

What Does the Medical Transcriptionist Do?

  • Listens to the Audio File Provided by the Healthcare Professional
  • Interpretation of the Audio File into the Report
  • Reviews and Editing of the Reports, Either Manual or Using Speech Recognition Software’s.
  • Rectifying the Errors and Missing Information in the Report
  • Sending the Report to the Healthcare Professional for the Approval.

Once the Report is approved by the Healthcare professional, it gets added in the medical record of the Patient.

What are the different types of Reports A Medical Transcriptionist Prepares?

There Are multiple types of Reports a Medical Transcriptions Prepares which has different job responsibilities for the Medical Transcriptionist, For Example:

  • Pre-Admission Repost
  • Lab Testing Reports
  • Surgeries Reports
  • In-Patient Reports
  • Discharge Summaries.

Where Do the Medical Transcriptionists Work?

  • Onsite: A Medical Transcriptionist Works at the Hospital and Clinics, and the pay may depend on the Hours of work or the Output of the Work.
  • Work from Home: Some healthcare Professionals and Doctors Provide the Flexibility for the Transcriptionist to Work from Home.
  • Online: Medical Transcription can work using the internet from anyplace.

What are the Benefits of a Medical Transcription Job?

Flexibility: Medical Transcriptionist has a lot of flexibility for working. The person can decide the Hours he likes to work and the time he wants to spend doing the work. The person can decide the Time he wants to work. There will be no restrictions on the timings or work hours.

Work-life Balance: Medical Transcriptionists will have ease to maintain their personal and professional life balance, as there will be no need to travel to the office, or no such fixed office timings. It will be easy to balance personal and professional life.

Work from Home: Medical Transcriptionist is given the privilege to work from home, there are no restrictions they have to work from onsite. They can work from the comforts of their home on any place using the internet.

Save Commuting time: A Medical Transcriptionist will save lots of time in Travelling. As there will be no restrictions on the place of work, The work can be done from any place. This will also help the medical Transcriptionist in having the flexibility as well as provide more efficiency in the working if the Medical Transcriptionist.

Cost Saving: The Flexibility and work from home Privileges provides the medical transcriptionist with cost-saving. Medical Transcriptionists can save costs like traveling cots, child care costs. Etc.

The Need for Medical Transcriptionist having fair knowledge of the medical terminologies and quick typing skills will continue. The technologies and software and not that accurate in terms of the Medical Documentations. Healthcare Professionals increasingly have demands for specialized help in the medical documentation.

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