Business Process Outsourcing

Do You know Why companies Outsource Business Process?

What is Business Process Outsourcing? It is a Business Practice that involves contracting the various business-related operations and responsibilities to the third Party vendor. The non-core operations such as accounting, payment processing, IT services, Human Resources, Regulatory compliance and Quality assurance. Most of the companies and a small company or a large-scale company prefer to […]

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How To Find Medical Transcription Service Providers Online?

What is Medical Transcription? Medical transcription is an allied health profession, which deals with the process of transcribing voice recorded medical reports. Physicians, nurses and other health care practitioners dictate these reports. These reports can be voice files, notes or some other spoken material. A transcriptionist then transcribes these files into written documents. It is […]

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Medical Billing and coding services

All you need to know about Medical Billing and Coding

Medical offices are dependent in reimbursements that they receive from insurance companies. This is required to keep the income flowing. Although with little information of insurance process, it is very common that the potential reimbursements go unpaid. Medical billers make sure that the medical bills will be reimbursed for the services that they have hired. […]

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