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All you need to know about Medical Billing and Coding

Medical offices are dependent in reimbursements that they receive from insurance companies. This is required to keep the income flowing. Although with little information of insurance process, it is very common that the potential reimbursements go unpaid. Medical billers make sure that the medical bills will be reimbursed for the services that they have hired. Medical billers have complete information about the medical insurance, claim filing and follow up. They also know about the appeal process and are equipped to take the actions that are required while dealing with insurance companies. They also optimize the healthcare provider performance by ensuring the payment.

Medical coding

It is the process of transforming the results associated with medical services and procedures into universal medical codes. The results vary from radio logical inference to prescriptions. With the technological advancement, medical billing and coding is widely used. The medical codes can tell the complete history of the patient with the physician whom he/she is getting treatment.


These codes are specific and important for filing financial reimbursements for the medical services that are delivered to the patients. In order to understand these codes, a medical coder is a professional that gets the training in the many code books that are available for different procedures. If required you can also hire a medical coding outsourcing vendor.


The person handling medical billing and coding is the same person who can work for a single organization or for different people in many organizations to increase the chances and transparency of payments. For the effective billing and coding procedures, the coder can check the patient’s medical record to evaluate the job done. The medical coders must have high level of intelligence and intuition. They must have the ability to pick the things quickly with changes and adjustments. If you want to be a medical coder then take the right and specific education from an accredited university or college.

There are many classifications of medical codes

  1. Diagnostic codes- It is used to determine disorder, diseases and symptoms. They can also be used for evaluating mortality and morbidity.
  2. Procedural codes- These codes are alphanumeric and numbers codes to recognize specific medical treatment process taken by medical staff.
  3. Pharmaceutical codes- These codes are used to recognize the medicines.
  4. Topographical codes- These codes provide specific locations in the human body.

Presently, medical coding is an excellent profession. It is the best and safe way to manage important medical records.

Medical billing

Medical billing

Health care providers need services that is included in your insurance cover. When the claim is done then they require medical billing and coding services to follow up the claims with your insurance provider so that they can get the required payment. The medical biller in the healthcare facility convert the rendered service in a claim filed with the insurance companies. HE also follow the claim to make sure that the payment is coming.

The healthcare providers like doctors, nurses and dentists submit the claims after providing any services like complex treatment or single examinations. The medial billing is done on the medical billing software. The software has made the work systematic and easy. It has also increased the efficiency and speed.

As a patient, you are the first party, your doctor or physician is the second party and the insurance company is the third party. The main role of a person seeking medical billing and coding is to send an invoice to the insurer telling about your personal information, insurance provision, medical history, and all the services that are provided to the patient. This invoice is known as claim. The main aim is to the get the sufficient payment.

Depending on the insurance cover, insurance provider will pay all the bills or will do the part-payment. Hence, you can hire a medical biller that will make ensure that you are getting the claimed amount.

The medical biller and coder must have deep information about the terminology and medical science. He must have analytical thinking skill. He must be technology-oriented with high level of integrity. Hence, you can hire the best and efficient medical coding outsourcing company



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