MedVoice builds all its electronic medical solutions on a robust, modular architecture that maximizes scalability, connectivity, interoperability, and ease of use.


  • Fast turnaround time of 4-24 hours.
  • 98.5% or higher ACCURACY of work.
  • Skilled Transcriptionists and Editors.

Security & HIPAA

We strive to safeguard the entire transcription process, from initial physician dictation to document retrieval to be secure and HIPAA compliant.


Our web-based system allows physicians to track transcriptions at any given point of time and allows them to sign documents electronically once complete. We provide automated follow up for Referring Physicians as a service where transcriptions can be routed automatically

Electronic Medical Record (EMR)

Obviously, there are many companies trying to sell you EMR software. You may have already purchased or plan to purchase an EMR program in future. Our superior technology and web-based integration software

DART (Discrete accurate Reportable Transcription)

DART (Discrete accurate Reportable Transcription) offers medical facilities an EMR/EHR implementation approach that minimizes operational change and completely eliminates physician productivity loss.

Hybrid Approach

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